Relaxing is Stressful

I am not a hippie, but sometimes I play one....  As a cancer survivor, a veteran with a touch of ptsd, adhd, and ocd; I am open to alternative treatments.  And did you know you can actually stress yourself out, in the process of learning to ‘de-stress’?  I have read several books this year, but a couple changed … Continue reading Relaxing is Stressful

So, Now What?

"Why am I still here?” To be here - Add some health related issues… extreme adversity and you can really experience - Life… I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at age 37, given 3-5 years, 5-7 years, and now at 44, and off chemo and in a remission - also told not to ever expect … Continue reading So, Now What?

the myeloma diaries

Time Flies when you are having Cancer... I have not done an update in what feels like months because so much has happened in such a short passage of time. It seems as if my time has passed in a vacuum. It has been intense, so much so that when I did find a rare quiet … Continue reading the myeloma diaries