It has probably been months since I have been able to share anything significant. This virus, the timing, with life could not have been worse... or better, depending on your perspective. When all the normal rules do not apply, life starts to look even more foreign than you thought. I sit here outside in my … Continue reading Quarantine


I feel if more of us thought about our mortality beyond, 'Am I going to heaven or hell?' Maybe folks would put down picket signs *metaphorically. What if the world took a hard look at the direction hate is going and stood up at the same time to stop it where they saw it? What … Continue reading Mortality


Have you ever spent a significant amount of time thinking about forgiveness? ... towards others - more importantly, our self? Well, me either, until I did. When you decide to focus on that area of your heart; your soul, brain, and body start to feel significantly uncomfortable, but then you feel pretty amazeballs (if you … Continue reading Forgive

Relaxing is Stressful

I am not a hippie, but sometimes I play one....  As a cancer survivor, a veteran with a touch of ptsd, adhd, and ocd; I am open to alternative treatments.  And did you know you can actually stress yourself out, in the process of learning to ‘de-stress’?  I have read several books this year, but a couple changed … Continue reading Relaxing is Stressful

Myeloma Update

The girls went to Johns Hopkins with me this time, and somehow I remembered these things much more painful during the process, but it is actually áfter' a bone marrow biopsy to your hip that you 'really' feel what they did back there. I have attached a photo for people with my humor. They did … Continue reading Myeloma Update

I’ve been thinking lately…

Like every 44 year old woman… I secretly love rap music (haha)… Welcome to my mind.  When OCD/ADHD shows up - I start listening and exercising, doing yard work, cleaning house and this prompts deep thoughts. Much of my present day life is spent isolating for hours at a time just to think about what … Continue reading I’ve been thinking lately…