I wish

I wish I could say things just keep getting better and better everyday. I cannot always say that, but I can choose to believe it will get better soon.

Not sure how many folks out there have what I like to call alphabet problems? Those that you need acronyms to spell, to keep track, or to mentally stay sane in spite of all the letters flying at you – with the associated behaviours and/or side effects that come along with modern medicine.

It is baffling to see healthcare in action…. “in-action” is more what I am referring to… IF you have a case that belongs on a television show called “House”… those cases do not end up neatly tied in a bow with solutions. Some real life medical cases have a tendency to go through a life… much like a train… a big, long, train.

Each train car is another letter of the alphabet, some cars are full, some are heavy, some even light. Some are unnecessary and can be cut loose… which ones? That is where the medical teams are supposed to come into play.

We are the engineers of our own trains, but we often forget and let others drive. By the way; This will leave a train open to hijackers. Anywho, the healthcare in this country is embarrassingly terrible… if you are sick. Our healthcare system will keep you “alive” but it is up to you to choose to “Live”.

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