I’ve been thinking lately…

Like every 44 year old woman… I secretly love rap music (haha)… Welcome to my mind.  When OCD/ADHD shows up – I start listening and exercising, doing yard work, cleaning house and this prompts deep thoughts. Much of my present day life is spent isolating for hours at a time just to think about what to do next. I have been suspect (more than usual) of the Bible’s content – since I studied Environmental History and Women Studies last year. Last night I decided to dig out a 26-year-old Bible that was given to me as a gift by the first man to propose to me at age 18. No clue where this man is now…

Without fail, I open to a passage, and something hits me deep (much like an 8 ball answering a question with no definitive answer, I have to keep mentioning – not to be disrespectful, just an observation at times, reminds me I control my mind’s eye, but if I don’t control it, it will do its own thing without me).  But for God’s sake, remember humans wrote that book from their experience and perspective and it was passed on … years, which should leave some room for us to question and make logical conclusions (in my opinion), (maybe it should have a warning label like coffee cups at McDonald’s) some folks take everything out of context and run out stoning people. *crazy thinking? Sorry… not sorry. Anyway, this often leads me to other rabbit trails of thought that are surprisingly… inexplicably helpful…. I should have joined a spiritual convent decades ago; but I would have none of these interesting stories to tell. haha

This book is tattered, highlighted, and torn in places, but I cannot bring myself to let go of a book I carried through the most spiritually formative years of my life, for me, the book has power because of my belief in it. I am going to compile a list of all the scriptures as super cool ‘truth-fortune-cookies-. I will call them “Bless your heart,” cookies…

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